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Электроустановочные изделия (розетки и выключатели) AVE

AVE s.p.a is an Italian company leading the international scene of the high quality electric and electronic equipment manufacturers.

Born in 1904, the Company has always been in the vanguard of innovative solutions in line with the market requirements and has constantly improved its product range and the technology of its production units.

The search and development of new solutions, the design and accurate manufacture and assembly of each single component, the efficient organisation of sales allow the AVE trade-mark to be offered to all Installers, Engineers and Architects as a functional and appropriate response to the evolving domestic and industrial installation requirements.

The close co-operation with all installers and distributors characterises every little aspect of our way of working and emphasizes the common desire of guaranteeing the maximum reliability of our products in the aim of satisfying the end customer.

The Company has its main office in Rezzato, in the province of Brescia, where the General Management together with the other central departments work: Administrative, Sales and Marketing Departments, Design and Logistics.

All departments working to complete the production cycle are located in the premises in Vestone (Bs): from plastics moulding to automatic and hand-made assembly, from quality control to automatic stocking of the finished product.

The total number of employees and the personnel working in the sales network, including the before and after-sales technical service, amounts to over 300 people, all highly skilled and trained.

AVE is today a company aiming at a continuous development which can offer almost 2000 products gathered in four strategic divisions:

· Domestic Series
· Safety
· Modular devices
· Boxes-Enclosures-Switchboards

Электроустановочные изделия

British standard0.85 МБ
Kits0.22 МБ
Safety and Security Division1.74 МБ
Standard Svizzero0.67 МБ
Title and index2.09 МБ
Wiring Accessories9.39 МБ

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